While shopping online with your Pleo card, you might experience that some webshops require 3-D secure.

3-D secure, often referred to as Mastercard SecureCode, is an extra layer of security for online purchases where an additional authentication step is added. In order to complete the purchase, you will need to enter a unique verification code sent to your phone. 

Pleo supports 3-D Secure, but you need to activate it. 

You can easily activate 3-D Secure by adding your phone number in Pleo. If you are logged into Pleo from your computer, please click on your name followed by 'Edit profile'. In the profile section, click on 'Phone Number' and enter your number - remember to include the calling code. 

If you want to add your phone number to Pleo from your mobile device, please click on 'Profile' (and 'Profile' again if you're on app version 1.8.0 or newer) and simply add your number. 

Your phone number will not be shared with third parties.

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