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How to import Xero tracking categories into Pleo
How to import Xero tracking categories into Pleo

How to get Xero tracking categories to show up as Tags in Pleo

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Tracking categories in Xero are the same as Tags in Pleo. This article explains how to import your tracking categories into Pleo so that expenses are consistently organised.

Before importing tracking categories, please make sure to connect your Xero and Pleo accounts.

Good to know: Pleo's integration does not support the Projects module of Xero. If feasible, please consider setting your projects up as tracking categories instead so that the info syncs across systems.

How to import tracking categories

  1. Go to the "Settings" page in Pleo.

  2. Click "Accounting".

  3. Click "Tags."

  4. Click on the "Sync with Xero" button.

Good to know:

If you don't have tracking categories set up in Xero yet, the "Sync with Xero" button won't appear. You can set up Tags manually by clicking on the "Create tag group" button in the top right corner and then selecting "Manually."

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