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How to access e-conomic's multiple agreements
How to access e-conomic's multiple agreements
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To set up the integration between Pleo and a specific agreement in e-conomic, please follow these instructions carefully: 

  1. Log into e-conomic. If you were already logged into e-conomic prior to setting up the integration, please log out and log in again. 

  2. When logged into e-conomic, click on the "Administer" icon ("Administrer" in Danish) on the company you want to set up the integration for and access the agreement.

  3. Once you've accessed the company's agreement, go back to Pleo and tick off the 'I have accessed my company's agreement' and click 'Continue'.

  4. Allow the Pleo app access to the agreement in e-conomic. Pleo and e-conomic are now connected. 

Please note that the agreement you access in e-conomic is the agreement we set the integration up for. Therefore, make sure to double-check that you have, indeed, accessed the right agreement. 

If you get stuck while trying to add the app to the e-conomic agreement, or if your receive the error message “You must be actively administering an agreement to add apps as an administrator. Please switch to the client agreement you wish to grant access to and follow the app-link again", you need to log out of e-conomic and log in again. 

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