"Straksoverførelser" is a faster way of making manual transfers to your Pleo account. Transfers made with "Straksoverførelse" can be allocated to your Pleo Account almost instantly.

How can I transfer with Faster Payments?

  1. Go to Wallet, click Transfer funds now (press Prefer to do a regular bank transfer? If you have a Nets agreement setup) type in the amount and click Continue. 
  2. Copy the account details and the Unique Reference number 
  3. Open your online banking in another tab. 
  4. Initiate a Straksoverførelse and paste in the new account details and reference number 
  5. You will receive an email when the money has been allocated to your Pleo Account 

🔑  Remember to create a new reference code each time you transfer manually to your Pleo wallet🔑

What are the transfer times with Faster payments?

  • Transfers of less than 25.000,- DKK made within banking hours: Up to 3 hours (usually within minutes). If outside of banking hours, up to the end of the next business day. 
  • Transfers between 25.000,- DKK to 215.000,- DKK made within banking hours: Two business days.  
  • Transfers of over 215.000,- DKK made within banking hours: Two business days for the first 215.000,- DKK + 1 additional business day per amount of 215.000,- DKK
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