When you’re purchasing online or you have a running subscription, merchants usually send the receipts and invoices via e-mail. Here are all the ways to upload your receipts.

1. Connect your e-mail for automatic upload

We have a feature called Fetch where Pleo will automatically upload the receipt when it finds a possible match. You can read more about the feature here for Gmail and here for Microsoft 365

2. Share it easily from the mobile app

Make sure you’re on at least version 2.2.2 by updating the app. When you receive a receipt to your email as an attached image, you can use the native share functionality in both iOS and Android (on Android it is both shown as ‘share’ or ‘send’ depending on the application).

Here’s a video showing how the share feature works for iOS (you might have to enable share to Pleo in your phone settings):

If you can't find the Pleo app from the share options, here is how you can enable the feature. On Android, this is enabled by default.

3. Copy and paste  

On desktop, you can simply screen shot and copy paste the image to an expense in the Pleo webpage like this:  

On Mac, you can use the keyboard shortcut: shift+control+command+4 and then command+v

On Windows use the fn+print screen and control+v

4. Drag and drop

You can drag and drop any media file (PDF, PNG etc.) into the the expense list or the expense details as shown here:

5. Upload manually

Alternatively you can go to the expense and upload the receipt manually by selecting the file you wish to upload. 

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