What's the golden rule of paying with your Pleo card? That's right; it's to remember the receipt! When you pay in-store, you ask for the paper receipt, snap a pic of it in the Pleo app, and then throw the receipt away.

But when you pay online, there's no paper receipt to worry about. The merchant sends you a receipt via email. This article explains three different ways to add said receipt to your Pleo purchase:

  • Upload

  • Forward

  • Fetch


  1. Go to the Expenses page.

  2. Click on the expense.

  3. Click the plus icon to add a receipt.

  4. Select a receipt from your computer.

You can also choose to drag and drop into the "Add receipt" field:

  • In the mobile app:

  1. Click on an expense.

  2. Upload you receipt as an image from your camera roll or as a PDF from your saved files:


One alternative to manually adding receipts one by one is to simply forward any receipt(s) and let Pleo do the rest:

  1. Send an email containing one or more receipts to: forward@fetch.pleo.io. You do not need to have Fetch (below) enabled to use this option.

  2. Done! The receipt(s) will be automatically matched to their respective card payment(s). The only requirement is that the receipt is sent from the email address associated with your Pleo login.


With Fetch, Pleo automatically adds your receipt when it finds the expense match in your email inbox. The benefit is the same as the "Forward" option, with the added bonus that you don't actually have to forward anything. Here's how it works.

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