How to enable the API in e-conomic
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It is important that the API integration in the e-conomic app is enabled in order to ensure that communication between the Pleo and e-conomic app works seamlessly and errors are prevented. 

To enable the API: 

  1. Log into your e-conomic account

  2. Look for the cog in the orange box and click on the icon

  3. In the drop-down menu, click on “Alle indstillinger” (All Settings)

  4. On the left sided menu, click on “Abonnement” (Subscription)

  5. Scroll down to the “API” quadrant and click on the empty box in the top right

  6. In the in-app pop-up window, click the box to left of “Adgang” (Access) and click “Gem” (Save)

  7. Another window should pop up titled “Bemærk” (Notice), read the notice and click “Luk” (Close)

  8. Done

If you have not set up your integration yet, please consult this article. 

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