Pleo cards are accepted at over 30 million merchants worldwide, but we must take precautions for the sake of financial security. For this reason, companies in certain countries will be restricted from using Pleo cards.

If a regular transactional activity is identified in one of the following jurisdictions that suggest permanent or extended residence by the cardholder, or a significant corporate activity, Pleo will suspend the card and advise the cardholder that the prepaid card services are not offered in that particular jurisdiction.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. China
  3. Cuba
  4. Iran
  5. India
  6. Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic
  7. Liberia
  8. Moldova
  9. Region of Crimea (Regional Restriction Only)
  10. Sudan
  11. South Sudan
  12. Syria
  13. United States of America
  14. Zimbabwe

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