There are a handful of reasons why a transaction might be declined:

  • Insufficient funds: If your Pleo card doesn’t have sufficient funds to cover your purchase the payment terminal will automatically decline your transaction. In this case both you and your admin will get a notification that your wallet has run dry.
  • Wrong PIN: If you enter an Incorrect PIN your transaction will be declined. If you enter it incorrectly 3 times your card will be blocked and you'll receive a push notification. We'll investigate that no fraudulent abuse of your card has taken place. We work pretty fast and often we are able to unblock your card and reset your PIN within 3 business days.
  • Typos: If you make a typo writing the expiration date or CVC code, your transaction will be declined
  • Bars/Convenience Stores: Sometimes smaller convenience stores and local bars are caught in our system for security reasons. Link your Pleo card to your MobilePay or PayPal account and pay via one of these payment apps.
  • Your card has been deactivated or marked stolen by your admin: Your admin can deactivate any card at any time 
  • Your card is not active: Before your very first purchase you have to activate your card by pairing it. Until you have done that you won’t be able to use your Pleo card.
  • Your card has been disabled: For security reasons it is possible for your admin to disable any Pleo card at any time. As an employee, you will not automatically be informed of this, but in your Pleo account under Cards you’ll be able to see if your card is disabled.
  • You tried to use Chip + Signature instead of Chip + PIN when the latter was available: Unfortunately in some cases, especially in Germany and the US, the terminals are old and outdated and the merchant cannot change the payment method. In such case you cannot use your Pleo card. (Read What do I do if my Pleo card is not accepted by a merchant?)
  • You exceeded your max number of transactions allowed per day: For security reasons you can only make 25 transactions per day with your personal Pleo card. If your company has needs that require you to break this limit please contact us on
  • You attempted to withdraw more than 4.300,00 DKK in cash from an ATM: Security is alpha and omega to us at Pleo, thus we have a limit of how much cash you can withdraw from an ATM on a daily basis.
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