As a Pleo admin, you can customise the spending limits for each employee from the Team page. Simply click on the setting icon next to each employee's name.

There are four levels of Spending Limits:

  • No limit: No calculations of spendings are made. The user can use the Pleo card as long as your company has money in its wallet.
  • Monthly: The calculation of spending is done based on the current calendar month. On the first day of each calendar month (at midnight GMT), the spending calculation is automatically reset.
  • Total: The calculation of spending begins on the day the limit is set up or reset. If you choose to reset a total spending limit, any past spending will not be taken into consideration.
  • Per-transaction: This option limits the amount a user can make in a single purchase.

Here's how you can set limits:

  1. Login to your Pleo account
  2. Click Team in the left bar
  3. Click the edit icon which appears to the right when you place your cursor over an employee
  4. Choose between No limit, Monthly or Total. If Monthly or Total is chosen, enter the value amount of the limit.
  5. Choose the per-transaction limit: If no limit is chosen, the default will be 1000 GBP or 10000 DKK
  6. Click Done.


  • All cards belonging to the user are disabled when limits are reached. 
  • Monthly limited cards will be enabled again at the beginning ot the calendar month
  • Total limited cards will be enabled if spending limits are increased or the total limit is reset
  • Pleo cards currently have “soft” limits. This means that purchases are allowed until the user goes beyond his or her limits. E.g. if a user has a limit of 1.000 DKK and has already spent 990 DKK, they will be able to make one more purchase (even if it sets them above their spending limit, but only if there’s enough money in your wallet) before the card is disabled.
  • Daily spending limits: 215,000 DKK/18.250 GBP

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how the spending limit feature could improve your Pleo experience we’ll be five-feet-happy to receive them in support!

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