When travelling in the US you can use your Pleo card as you do at home. However there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Generally, the payment infrastructure in the US is different from the European infrastructure. In the US, cash is accepted more often than payment cards. Therefore, be mindful of smaller merchants and whether they accept any payment cards at all.

The best and most secure way to use your Pleo card is the chip and PIN code. By using the chip and PIN code, your purchase is authorized and you will receive a notification on your phone app. If you experience a terminal that does not allow for chip and PIN purchases, the contactless payment often is the most reliable.

In certain cases the merchant will ask for a different method of payment, below you can learn more about edge cases and situations you may experience. We always recommend having the Pleo phone app with you for information and confirmation of a purchase.

Chip and signature

A common payment method in the US is using the chip of the payment card and a signature. This is an insecure method of payment and Pleo does not support signatures as validation for payments.

If you are declined when asked for a signature, try asking the merchant to switch the terminal to chip and PIN payment. Sometimes the person/merchant operating the terminal will be able to accommodate you and switch the payment method on the terminal itself. If this payment method is not an option, the contactless payment method can be used if the terminal allows it.

Alternative, ask them to switch to Magstripe and Signature, which will be supported. 

Terminals which ask for chip and signature are often found at restaurants, hotels and grocery stores. But expect to find these chip and signature terminals in many places.

Cash is King

In the US you will find merchants who does not accept any payment cards. We recommend to carry a small amount of cash to avoid not being able to pay at all. You can always withdraw cash at an ATM with your Pleo card. We recommend to upload both the ATM receipt and the receipts for all purchases made to the expense in Pleo. Adding a note explaining each purchase will make the bookkeeping easier down the line.

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