It happens. You make a purchase, regret it, and want to have it cancelled. Unfortunately, we won't be able to block purchases after you've authorised the charge. However, there's still hope. We'll walk you through the process of securing refunds below.

The Rules

  • Refunds can only be made to the same Pleo card used to make the purchase
  • All refunds are subject to the merchant's refund policy - i.e if you purchase a nonrefundable plane ticket and want a refund, Pleo cannot assist you with securing a refund.
  • We need written confirmation that the merchant refuses to issue a refund before initiating a chargeback

Common Scenarios

Scenario 1: You clicked 'cancel' before the purchase went through
In this case, if you contact a merchant to cancel, before they have pulled the funds from your Pleo account (the expense is still pending in Pleo), you might still see the expense disappear from Pleo. This depends on the merchant's policy, but it can take between 3-30 business days to disappear from Pleo.

Scenario 2: The merchant authorised a purchase multiple times/for an incorrect amount
If you've been wrongly charged, you'll need to secure written documentation that you indeed purchased only once. If the 'duplicated' expense is still pending, there's a chance it might disappear from Pleo. If it becomes settled, please reach out to the merchant for a refund, citing the duplicated/incorrect charge.

Scenario 3: The merchant refuses to issue a refund
If a merchant refuses to issue a refund, and you are adamant that you should receive one, you'll need to secure written documentation listing the reason why the merchant refuses to refund your money. Send this documentation to our Customer Success team at and you can choose to pursue a chargeback (subject to a fee)

For a full scope of our refund process, please refer to the Terms and Conditions (UK / DK)

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