All Pleo users have a default limit per purchase of 1.000 GBP or 10.000 DKK.

As a Pleo admin or team manager, you can customise the spending limits for each employee from the Team page. Simply click on the setting icon next to each employee's name.


  • Admins: Can set limits for all employees
  • Managers: Can set limits for their team members
  • Employees: Cannot set limitsĀ 

How to set per purchase limits:

  1. Go to Teams
  2. Scroll over an employee and a pencil icon will appear - click to edit the user.
  3. Under 'Limit per purchase', select from the options provided
  4. Confirm the change and save.

Note: Limits per purchase will override the monthly/total limit set for each user. If their limit is 500 GBP with a per purchase limit of 250 GBP, any purchase over 250 GBP will decline.

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