About Pleo virtual cards

Your virtual Pleo card is paired with your account automatically when your account is created. You can use it for online transactions and access the card details under Cards in the Pleo mobile app. 

About Pleo plastic cards

If you received a Pleo plastic card and want to pair it with your account, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Open your Pleo app 
  • Go under Cards
  • Press Pair your card (Under "Plastic" tab in the iOS App)
  • Enter the last four digits from your Pleo plastic card
  • Your card is now paired and ready to use with the same PIN you use to unlock your virtual card!

Note: Remember that you have only one Pleo PIN that is used when you're in the web and mobile apps, and it's the same PIN when you use your plastic card!

Please note: Pleo plastic cards are associated with individual employees. Each employee has to pair their own Pleo plastic card within Pleo web or mobile app.

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