If you are using your Pleo plastic card for the first time (or for the first time after you have changed your PIN), you may in rare cases experience issues with your PIN. 

The reason for this is that the PIN for your Pleo plastic card needs to be synchronised with the PIN you set up in the Pleo App. If the terminal from which you are making a purchase is not online, your new PIN may not work.

It is essential that your Pleo plastic card is paired in the app - this can be done by going into cards in the App. 

Once this is done, Pleo users in the United Kingdom are urged to go to an ATM (here is a list of modern chip-enabled ATMs near you) and select "PIN services" and then "Unlock PIN". This should automatically synchronize the PIN in your plastic card with the one you set up in the Pleo App and you should be able to use your plastic card right away.

If you have any doubts or experience any trouble setting up your PIN, please contact us.

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