When ordering physical cards, you'll be advised in Pleo on how many cards you are currently able to order. This number corresponds to the number of people you've
invited to Pleo
who don't already have plastic cards

Let's take an example. You invite 10 people to Pleo and order 5 cards. Next time you want to order cards, you'll be advised in Pleo that you can currently order a maximum of 5 cards for the remaining 5 users.

If you want to order more cards, you'll need to invite more people to Pleo by following these simple steps: 

1- Log into Pleo and click on Teams
2- Click on Invite
3- Insert the user's first name and email
4- Enter your PIN - an automatic email invitation will be sent to the user

Remember you can order as many Pleo cards as you've invited users to Pleo, but only one card per user. 

The minimum amount of cards you can order is 1 card.

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