There are several scenarios where you might need to destroy a Pleo card:

  • An employee has left your company
  • An employee no longer needs to make company expenditures

We have all seen it. You watch a movie and someone has indulged in a five-course meal courtesy of someone else's line of credit. The surly-faced waiter makes a big scene and cuts the card straight down the middle, leaving the petty criminal wallowing in humiliation. Comedic value aside, there is a certain way that you should go about permanently, *ahem* disabling, a Pleo card once it should no longer be in use.

So here is how you should do it:

  1. Cut across the magnetic strip
  2. Cut across the chip.
  3. Cut diagonally across your name and account numbers
  4. Place card bits in separate garbage bags
  5. Optional: Use a triangular card bit as a pretty handy guitar pick

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