Trustly transfers use the Faster Payments option for banks in the United Kingdom to allow for faster processing.

What is Trustly? 

Trustly will act as an intermediary processor that will allow us to display transfers much faster. Trustly uses the Faster Payments Service, which will allow you to transfer funds to our Trustly account. Pleo's Account is based in mainland United Kingdom, so all transfers to Trustly are domestic. 

How fast is Trustly?

  • Transfers of less than 3,000 GBP made within banking hours: Up to 2 hours (usually within minutes). If outside of banking hours, up to end of next business day
  • Transfers between 3,000 GBP to 18,250 GBP made within banking hours: Up to one business day
  • Transfers higher than 18,250 GBP made within banking hours: Up to one business day for 18,250 GBP + 1 additional business day per amount of 18,250 GBP

How can I transfer to Trustly?

Important: All information needs to match the invoice you create in Pleo. Make sure you transfer the amount listed on the invoice and use the correct reference code. If either of these details does not match, you will experience major delays or a rejection of your transfer.

🔑  Remember to create a new reference each time you transfer to Trustly

  1.  Go to Wallet, click Add Funds now and type in the amount you wish to transfer and click Continue
  2.  Copy the account details and the Unique Reference Number 
  3.  Open up your online banking in another tab
  4.  Initiate a Faster Payments and paste in the new account details and reference number 
  5.  You will receive an e-mail when the money has been allocated to your Pleo Account

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