Once you have set up your company and loaded your Pleo wallet, you can easily invite other team members to start using Pleo and make company spending easier for everyone. Perhaps you want to onboard your external bookkeeper or you're tired of chasing everyone for receipts. Just follow these simple steps to grow your team:

  1. Log in to the Pleo web app
  2. Go to Team (this is only visible and available to administrators)
  3. Click Invite in the upper right-hand corner of the Team page
  4. Enter your colleague's name and e-mail
  5. Your colleague will receive an invitation to join Pleo via e-mail
  6. Once the invitation is accepted, the user will be able to log-in
  7. After the employee accepts, admins can adjust their roles and edit their spending limits.

Note: Make sure everyone downloads the Pleo mobile app in either iOS or Android, so you don't have to chase them for receipts and they can categorise expenses on the go!

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