It is only possible to use Pleo cards if there are sufficient funds in your Pleo Account. This is because Pleo cards are Prepaid Mastercards®. 

Transferring money to Pleo is a simple process and can be done by : 

  • Logging in to your Pleo Web App
  • Open the Wallet on the left (visible only to admins and bookkeepers)
  • Enter the amount you would like to load and click Add Funds 
  • Carefully follow the instructions and follow through with the bank transfer from your company bank account*
  • The minimum amount you can transfer is 500 GBP
  • You will receive a notification when the money has been loaded into your Pleo Account

*Transfers to Pleo must be made from an EEA bank account held with a fully regulated and licenced bank and registered in your business name. Pleo does not accept transfers from: third-party Payment Services, i.e. Transferwise; Personal Bank accounts; eMoney institution accounts i.e. Tide, Revolut Business (UK Accounts)

✔  For faster payments in the United Kingdom, please click here 

Where is my money held?
After you make the initial transfer your funds will be received in a ring-fenced account with NatWest (National Westminster Bank Plc). This means that neither Pleo nor anyone else can access your money and it is thoroughly protected. We are confident that your money is secure and you should be too - NatWest has a good credit rating (BBB+, as of August 2016) and is owned by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), which is controlled by the UK Government (the majority shareholder).

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