If your company is using the services of an external bookkeeper or accounting firm, we have made it easy for them to manage expenses in Pleo.

The External Bookkeeper feature gives your bookkeeper access to certain essential functions like :  

  • Real-time expense tracking across the company
  • Management of custom categories to match your accounting software
  • Enabling direct integrations with tools like Xero and e-conomic
  • Uploading subscription receipts that are sent to your e-mail
  • Transferring money to your Pleo Account

How does one grant bookkeeper access : 

  1.  Write to support through the in-app chat and request the ability to grant bookkeeper access
  2.  After support enables this for you, go back to Teams
  3.  Click Add Member on the top-right corner
  4.  Click "External Bookkeeper? Give them access ->" and confirm their details
  5.  Your bookkeeper will receive an email asking them to join your company in Pleo

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