Once your company is verified to use Pleo and you have made a verification transfer to your Pleo account, you can order plastic cards for your employees by following these steps:

  • Add employees/team members to Pleo following these simple instructions
  • Go to Plastic Cards in the Pleo web app
  • Click Order Cards on the top right
  • Check that your company name is displayed correctly on the card and amend if needed by clicking on Edit Company Name
  • Select the number of cards and click Order Cards followed by Continue
  • Ensure that the delivery address and recipient is correct
  • The cards will arrive within just a few days by post - you will receive a confirmation when they have been shipped 

The first batch of Pleo plastic cards ordered is free and you can order up to one physical card per user invited into Pleo. A plastic card can instantly be paired to a user, following these instructions

If this is the second time you wish to receive a plastic card, ensure that it is marked as lost/stolen in the app - as Pleo only allows for one card per user and a new card order request will only be possible once this step is complete. 

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