Disclaimer: The bookkeeper role is for external bookkeepers employed by your company and they will not be able to spend with Pleo cards. If your bookkeeper should have access to their own Pleo cards, add them as Admins.

Since this is now clear....here is how you can grant access to external bookkeepers.

If you bookkeep for several companies, you can use Pleo to have a clear overview of each client's expenses. We have made it easier than ever to manage multiple accounts and exports.

How to use Pleo as a bookkeeper:

  1. Log-in with your bookkeeper email address
  2. Under your profile picture, switch the view to the correct client.
  3. Pleo will automatically refresh with the correct profile
  4. Confirm that the view is correct - then proceed to categorise, export expenses to your accounting software, send funds to Pleo, and enable integrations as usual

Note: Be sure to make an agreement with each client regarding categories and an export schedule, i.e. weekly/monthly/etc. You do not want to produce duplicate exports or re-categorise after you have pulled the data.

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