When will the money I transferred reach our Pleo wallet?

The answer to this question depends on the amount your transferred. 

Bank transfers of up to 25,000 DKK will reach your Pleo the following business day, provided that transfer includes a unique reference code in the message to recipient. 

Bank transfers of more than 25,000 DKK will take 3 business day to reach your Pleo wallet.

If you need the funds to reach your Pleo wallet faster, you can select faster payments ('straksoverførsel' in Danish) in your online bank, but only for transfers of up to 25,000 DKK. Transfers of more than 25,000 DKK cannot be allocated faster, even if faster payments has been selected.

Transfers exceeding the daily limit

Note that as of right now, we cannot allocate more than 215,000 DKK per day to your Pleo wallet.

Bank transfers exceeding this daily limit will automatically be split up in our system and the remaining funds allocated over following day(s). 

Example: I transfer 300,000 DKK to my company's Pleo wallet. The first 215,000 DKK will reach the wallet after three business days. The remaining 85,000 DKK will automatically be allocated the following day. 

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