What is the price of Pleo?
Your company is charged only for the active users in the given month. 

Still in doubt? 

No worries, we’ve put together a petite pricing potpourri for you here.

DK:     69 DKK / active user / month
UK:       7 GBP / active user / month*

Plastic Cards

  • Your first card order is completely FREE !
  • Any additional card orders have the following charge:

DK:     100 DKK / card
UK:       10 GBP / card

When do I become an active user?

  • Users become active when they have a presentment during a calendar month. 
  • Every first day of a new month the user status is reset to inactive.
  • The payment for Pleo will not count towards your activity.
  • You can learn more about active users here

When is my company being charged?

  • Your company is being charged every first day of the calendar month.
  • The charge is for the previous calendar month's activity.

How is my company being charged?

  • The Pleo admin will be prompted in his or her Pleo account to confirm that their virtual card pays for the subscription.
  • If the only transaction you make in a month is paying for your Pleo subscription, you will not be charged as an active user
  • If your company has several admins, we will prompt all of them, but only the first to react, will have to confirm the billing information.
  • When a card has been confirmed, the payment will run as a recurring subscription every month.
  • The invoice will be automatically attached to the expense - of course 😉

When can I delete a user?

  • You can always delete a user with no additional charge.
  • If the user has had a presentment in the same calendar month as they are being deleted, you will be charged for a full month.

When can I cancel my Pleo subscription?

  • You can always cancel your Pleo account - even though we’ll be sad to see you leave!
  • We have a “cool off” period of 14 days after the cancellation in which you’ll have time to properly move out of Pleo.
  • You will be charged for all activity in the month of your cancellation.
  • If you still have money in your wallet we suggest that you spend them (they can also be withdrawn from an ATM). If you want the money refunded to your bank account this will be charged with a fee of 250 DKK / 25 GBP. 

Please note: The transaction related to your payment of Pleo will not count in the user activity. Why? Well, we know some of you are using Pleo as managers or bookkeepers without spending money on a Pleo card. We would hate to charge those of you just because the Pleo subscription is running on your card.

  • Please note that this price excludes VAT and the subscription cost starts at a minimum of  300 DKK / 30 GBP a month.
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