It is now easier to integrate Pleo with your accounting tool and eliminate the headache of completing expense reports. Our Categories feature allows employees to assign expenses to a line in your chart of accounts, removing the need for any "guess work" in relation to company spending while automating recurring expenses from merchants.

So here is how it works :

Admins and bookkeepers in Pleo are allowed to create and edit custom categories within the Categories page. Custom categories are nested within each of the main categories, allowing you to drill-down more specifically on the way merchants should be classified.

For example, you go to a petrol station, which may be automatically categorised as 'Travel'. Your chart of accounts may separate travel expenses into lines, including fuel, parking, hotels, and flights. By creating the custom categories, our machine-learning will recategorise based upon your company's spending behavior, allowing a level of customisation that simplifies time spent on expense tracking organisation wide!

Categories might look something like this:

Main Category: Travel
Fuel, Parking, Hotels, Flights, Car Rental, etc
Main Category: Meals and Drink
Sub-Categories: Staff Purchases, Customer Purchases, Incurred While Traveling, etc

This sounds time-consuming.....

It really isn't! We have made it incredibly easy by banking on your integrations with Xero and E-conomic. Simply click the drop-down to the right of each category, and assign an expense line from your chart of accounts.

Categories can working hand-in-hand with our Projects and Teams features.

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