We have now made it possible for you to set up automatic transfers to your Pleo Account based on a balance threshold and transfer amount you define. 

All it requires is to:

  • submit the NETS Agreement (you may have done this already) 
  • set proper thresholds reflecting your monthly spend to ensure you always have enough funds in your wallet

Here is how it works:

  1. Define the balance threshold, which will trigger the automatic transfer. We suggest that this should correspond to around 40% of your monthly spend.*
  2. Define the amount you wish to transfer. We suggest that this amount should correspond to around 3 weeks spend.

Example: If your monthly spend is approx. 100.000 DKK, we recommend you set the balance threshold to 40.000 DKK and the top up amount to 75.000 DKK. 

*If you are in high growth, we recommend you to set a higher balance threshold, e.g. corresponding to around 50-60% of your monthly spend. 

Important Information:

  • We run a balance check once a day in the morning
  • Automatic transfers will take 3 business days to show in your account Please have this in mind when choosing your thresholds
  • You will receive an email from us each time an automatic transfer has been triggered
  • Minimum balance threshold and transfer amount is 25.000 DKK
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