Setting up the Xero integration requires very few steps and it's a one-time process:

  1. Go to the Integrations page in Pleo
  2. Enable the integration with Xero by clicking the Enable button.
  3. Go to Export page in in Pleo and you should now see the Export to Xero option. 
  4. Select a date range with at least one transaction and do a first export to Xero. You will be redirected to Xero to login and grant access to Pleo. Once you grant Pleo access to your Xero account it will create a new Bank Account in Xero called "Pleo account". This account is where you'll reconcile all your Pleo transactions. The first exported expenses will show up under Account transactions. (You can delete them if they are not yet ready to be exported.) Your Pleo <> Xero integration is now properly set up. Now we just need to map Xero account numbers to Pleo custom categories. 
  5. Go to the Categories page in Pleo
  6. Create & map custom categories in Pleo to reflect Xero account numbers. Custom categories in Pleo enable you to match each expense with particular account in in your Xero chart of accounts. You can read more about Pleo custom categories here. Please note: in case you later export an expense that does not have a custom category mapping to a Xero account number, the expense will automatically get allocated a temporary Pleo account number in Xero (account code: PLEO). We recommend that you associate each expense in Pleo with an account number in Xero - this way you won't have to do manual account number mapping in Xero.

Expenses are not automatically synched with Xero, so you still have complete control over what ends up in Xero. When you want to export expenses for a given month or week, you simply follow the instructions below: 

  1. Go to the Export page in Pleo
  2. Select the dates between which you want to export expenses
  3. Click Preferences and mark Direct integration
  4. Choose Xero from the drop-down menu and click Done.

5. Click Export and your selected transaction range will be seamlessly exported to Xero!

Please note
: if you make a second export of the same expenses within the same date range, expenses will be duplicated.

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