Since all purchases made with Pleo cards are business related, it is required to always add a copy of the original receipt to each transaction for documentation and tax purposes.
With Pleo, we aim to make sure that there are no more missing receipts. Every transaction appears in the Pleo Web and Mobile app the second it occurs, reminding the employee to add the receipt right away. In the Pleo dashboard, both employees and managers can see which expenses are lacking the right receipt.
If a situation occurs where a receipt is not handed out by a merchant or is lost:

  1. Tap on the expense
  2. Choose the 'Missing Receipt' option
  3. Confirm what you purchased and why you don't have the receipt
  4. Save

Every Monday, Pleo sends out an e-mail to those users missing receipts, in order to further our cause : no more missing receipts!

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