In this guide we'll walk you through the setup and management of the Quickbooks integration with Pleo. You'll learn how to create the Pleo account in Quickbooks, 

How can I setup the Quickbooks account for Pleo?

  • Create a new bank account in your Quickbooks account. This account will be used for Pleo expenses only. (Go to Settings -> Chart of Accounts -> Create a new account. Make sure it's a current account.) 

How to import transactions from Pleo?

  • Download the Quickbooks csv from Pleo (Export -> Select timeframe -> Quickbooks) and upload it in Quickbooks under the previously created Pleo Bank account. (Go to Banking -> File Upload -> Upload the csv -> Select Pleo bank account from the dropdown under QuickBooks Account). 
  • Add a suitable account number to each expense (the VAT code will be allocated automatically).

How to attach receipts?

  • Go over the list of expenses and check for the same reference number in your downloaded folder from Pleo and attach each receipt.

How to reconcile the Pleo expenses in Quickbooks?

  • Select the expenses that are ready to be reconciled. Then press Batch actions -> Accept selected.

How to account Pleo wallet loads?

  • Simply do a normal bank transfer between your normal business bank account and Pleo bank account in Quickbooks.
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