How to setup the Sage One account for Pleo?

  • Create a new bank account in your Sage One account. This account will be used for Pleo expenses only. (Go to Banking -> Create new bank account Pleo. Make sure it's a current account.) 

How to import transactions from Pleo?

  • Download the Sage One csv from Pleo and upload it in Sage under the previously created Bank account. (Go to Pleo bank account -> Connect to Bank -> Import Statement)
  • Add a suitable account number to each expense (the VAT code will be allocated automatically).

How to attach receipts?

  • After you've created all the transactions (look above), go back to your Pleo bank account in Sage. Then go over the list of expenses and check for the same reference number in your downloaded folder from Pleo and attach each receipt.

How to reconcile the Pleo expenses in Sage One?

  • Click on Reconcile in the main Pleo bank view.
  • Select all applicable expenses and click on “Reconcile all entries”.

How to account Pleo wallet loads?

  • Simply do a normal bank transfer between your normal business bank account and Pleo bank account in Sage.
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