We here at Pleo have come with a solution that can suit your accounting system and give you the ability to see the VAT amounts on each expense. 

How does it work?
It is easy! You apply your current Tax/VAT codes and amounts to your accounting settings in Pleo, apply it to a category, which subsequently is linked with an expense. 

How do I set this up

  1. Go to the settings page. 
  2. Select your current accounting system, for example; Sage 50. 
  3. Click on Create Tax code and enter your details. 

4. Click Confirm and add more if needed using the same process. 

5. Now, click on Categories and you will see the dropdown option to the right of each category.

6. Select which VAT % applies to each category.

Once the VAT % is matched here, this will be auto assigned to the expenses in that category. 

But what if some expenses have the correct category but a different VAT %?
You can simply overwrite the VAT amount on that one expense, here is how:

Will I see all of this on my CSV export?
Yes!  You will now have 3 columns in your CSV file, (depending on your accounting system) that will include the following information. Tax Code, Tax Rate and Tax amount.

 You are ready to import and link this into your accounting system!

This is currently only available for Sage 50, Sage 200 and Generic CSV users. We will support other accounting system in the very near future! Please, reach out to us if you wish to request this functionality for your accounting system. 

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