If you have already created a bank account for Pleo in your Chart of Accounts in e-conomic, you can find your Pleo Account Number by going to Reports / Chart of Accounts. Usually, the Pleo Account would be next to your bank account. If you have used the e-conomic template for your Chart of Account, the number will be 58xx. 

If you have not created an account for Pleo in e-conomic yet, simply go to your Settings (orange setting icon in upper-right corner) choose All Settings / Finance / Chart of Accounts

You settings should look: 

Input the following information:

  • Type: Balance Sheet
  • Nr: next to your bank account, usually 58xx (For instance, if your bank account is 5801, we would recommend you to set your Pleo account to 5802)
  • Name: We recommend Pleo, but you can call it “Pleo Card”, “Pleo Wallet”, “Pleo Account”
  • VAT, contra, opening, key figure: Leave those blank.

Click Gem & ny to save and you are done!

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