Setting up the e-conomic integration requires very few steps:

  1. Go to the Integrations page in Pleo
  2. Enable the integration with e-conomic by clicking the Enable button. You will be redirected to e-conomic to login and grant access to Pleo.
  3. Go back to Pleo and insert the account number from your Chart of account that is associated with Pleo. Place Pleo account number as your Pleo account number to indicate that transactions are indeed coming from Pleo cards. If you haven't set the Pleo account number, check here - Which account number should I use?
  4. Go to the Export page in Pleo
  5. Select the dates between which you want to export expenses.
  6. In Preferences click Direct Integration and choose e-conomic and the correct cashbook. 
  7. Select your cashbook (dagligbog). Be sure your cashbook is setup correctly. When testing an integration make sure you are exporting to an empty day book, because you might affect bookkeeper's work if you start exporting to already made draft. Click done.
  8. Click Export and your expenses will be seamlessly exported to e-conomic :)

Please note: The export can take few minutes to be completed. You simply go to e-conomic account to see all the expenses. Please refresh the page in order to see all the expenses

Please note that if you make a second export of the same expenses to the same cashbook, expenses will be duplicated, so be careful!

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