With Review, you now have a better way of catching those few expenses that might need a bit of special attention. 

Take a look at the video below, in which we explain how Review works and how to set it up - or continue reading here if you prefer a written step-by-step guide. 

How does it work?

As an administrator, you can set up a threshold which then triggers a review process. Any expense that amounts to the threshold or exceeds it will be highlighted for the manager(s) of that particular team to review. The list of expenses to be reviewed will show up in the manager's expense view in the web app (and very soon on the mobile app as well). 

From here, a manager can deem an expense from the list Okay, Not okay or Details needed. For Not okay and Details needed the manager can add a note that shows to the expense owner on the particular expense. Whenever this happens, a push notification is automatically triggered for the expense owner to have a look at the expense. In the case of Details needed, the expense owner can then take action, add the requested details and hit 'Done'. Now the manager can finalise the review of the expenses.

How to set up Review

  • Click on Teams, then choose Teams, and click on the specific team you want to set up a review process for
  • Click on Manage team
  • Tick off the "Managers review expenses over..." field and add an amount ranging from 0 to anything
  • Make sure there's at least one manager assigned in the team

Managers can only review their own team's expenses.

Administrator, however, can pick any expense and mark it Okay, Not okay or Details needed if needs be. Just head to the expense list in the web app, click on any expense and then click on 'Review' (you can find it at the bottom of the detailed expense view). 

To summarise: 

  • Anyone with admin rights can review all expenses except their own or other admins expenses
  • Managers can review all expenses made by members of their team, not other managers (or admins, if they too are a member)

At any time, you can filter on Okay, Not Okay, Awaiting more details, Required and Not required to see a list of expenses that you might need to take special care of.

When you export the expenses, you'll see two columns in the file that describe the review status of every expense as well as any comment written in this regard.

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