Dealing with users across multiple applications intended to handle internal matters like HR, accounting, salary and, yes, company spending (aka Pleo) can result in some mismatching if the full name is the identifier of the user. Names might change, you might have employees named the same, maybe you have spelled a user's name differently by mistake or simply left the middle name out of a user in one application but not in another.

This leads to unwanted overhead time spent on detective work rather than providing value to your company's customers.

A way to avoid this is by applying a unique and never changeable identifier in form of a code or an ID number to your employees that follows this person across applications.
If you work with such a code or ID you can now input this on individual members in Pleo by going to the Teams page and access the edit modal of any of your members. 

On export, this employee code will now appear on every expense that relates to the individual members making matching to other applications much more easy.

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